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Send Some Geeky Love This Valentine’s Day

So it’s Tuesday morning, you’re in your techie office complete with exposed brick, 27″ monitors, ping pong tables, and then you realize that oddly everyone in the office has red on. And there’s chocolate… everywhere. Yup, that’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day, and here’s to guessing you might have forgotten to get something for that special, witty, glasses-wearing significant other of yours.

Not to worry. Our corps of civic minded geeks have got your back:

Building off of our blog post last year, CfA Honolulu — Mick Thompson, Diana Tran, and Sheba Najmi — hacked together this little app to make it easier to show some geeky love.

Just go to c4a.me/cfavalentines, click on your favorite card (mine is “You had me at Heroku” obviously), and you can email it off to your Valentine with a special note.

I’ll send some additional love to the fellows — a collaboration of 2011 and 2012! — who designed the lovely cards, including Karla, Anna, Ryan, Diana, and Mick, and if you’ve got a good idea for another, let us know at @codeforamerica.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Your Nerdy Cupids at Code for America

(As an extra geeky note: the fellows were able to reuse the code they had written for the HNL Hackathon: opensource “civic” software FTW.)