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Request for Disruption: Lead the CfA Accelerator

Entrepreneurs harnessing the web as a platform have changed the world, but the disruption they’ve caused in almost every other market has largely missed the government ecosystem. Now, however, companies like TurboTax, SeeClickFix, and Socrata are showing that governments and consumers are willing to adapt for better, easier, and faster civic services. And that’s just the start. There’s an opportunity for a major disruption in the civic space — a space worth over $140 Billion, and growing, as public life moves more and more online — and we need someone to help us take advantage of it.

In 2012, Code for America will be launching a Civic Startup Accelerator to support disruption as a public service. The Accelerator will invite entrepreneurs to propose ventures that redesign the citizen/government experience through innovative technology.

But we need someone to lead it.

The Director of the CfA Accelerator will be a mix of entrepreneur, civic-nerd, coach and connector. You’ll have to not only build and execute a successful accelerator program, but also help define this emerging market to investors. This can’t be just another startup factory; the quirks and nuances in this space will require a specialized program and a leader with the creativity, enthusiasm, and doggedness to get it off the ground, and fast.

In a few months, you’ll need to iron out a plan for the accelerator, pitch investors on your vision, recruit mentors for the teams, and then go out there and find the most promising ideas for civic startups. Finally, you’ll need to bring everything together for a 12-week sprint, turning those ideas into sustainable businesses. And then, of course, you have to do it all again.

Our ideal candidate has experience as an entrepreneur, is passionate about public service, and can build a network of investors, mentors, and advisors to make the program successful. Previous involvement with civic-oriented startups is a plus.

This sounds like a challenge, we’re sure, and that’s because it is. It’s a challenge that matters. If you’re successful, you’ll not only have helped multiple companies find their way to impact, but you’ll have helped give shape, meaning, and promise to this increasingly important space.

Interested? Good. Apply here: http://codeforamerica.org/jobs/