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2012 Fellow Selection Committee

Everyday, we get the privilege of reading a new application for our fellowship program, and we see first-hand the passion and enthusiasm among citizens from across the country to give back and make a difference. This is rewarding work. Just as rewarding, though, is the opportunity to share our candidates’ stories with the diverse, knowledgeable, and experienced group on our Fellow Selection Committee. Ranging from entrepreneurs like Jake Nickell, Anil Dash, and Micki Krimmel to expert technologists like Irene Au, Matt Knox, and Margeigh Novotny, dozens have stepped up to help us take on the important and challenging work of selecting the best possible class of fellows for 2012.

And it won’t be easy. We have already received over a hundred applications for our 2012 fellowship, and with our Early Decision deadline around the corner — Friday, April 15, so get your applications in! — we expect even more. We will rely on the committee’s judgement and insight to help us make the tough choices and put together a class that can and will make us proud.

Code for America 2012 Fellowship Selection Committee

  • Andrew Greenhill, City of Tuscon
  • Andrew Hoppin, New Amsterdam Ideas
  • Anil Dash, Expert Labs
  • Bryan Sivak, Entrepreneur
  • Clay Johnson, Big Window Labs
  • Craig Shapiro, Collaborative Fund
  • Daniel X O’Neil, EveryBlock
  • David Eaves, Code for America
  • DJ Patil, Color
  • Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen Design
  • Irene Au, Google
  • Jake Nickell, Threadless
  • Jay Nath, City of San Francisco
  • John Bracken, Knight Foundation
  • John Lilly, Greylock Partners
  • Kelly Goto, gotomedia
  • Kevin Curry, CityCamp
  • Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction
  • Mamie Rheingold, Google
  • Margeigh Novotny, Microsoft
  • Maria Giudice, Hot Studio
  • Matt Knox, Twitter
  • Michal Migurski, Stamen Design
  • Micki Krimmel, Neighbor Goods
  • Monica Harrington, Code for America
  • Nick Grossman, OpenPlans
  • Nigel Jacob, City of Boston
  • Peter Corbett, iStrategyLabs
  • Shawn Allen, Stamen Design
  • Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media
  • Wendy Owen, Giant Ant