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Code for America, Redesigned

Today, we’re pleased to welcome you to our new online home, the redesigned CodeforAmerica.org. The site has been rebuilt from the ground up, thanks to lots of hard work from lots of people, most notably the design firm Joint Concepts. We hope it is the beginning of a sturdy, fresh foundation to communicate our work and promote our values — to not only express who we are and what we do, but also be a resource and enabler for others seeking to get involved.

While we’re pleased to have the new site up and running, the process itself was rewarding. This was a group effort. Sparked and facilitated by the design work from Joint Concepts, a DC-based design firm, this redesign was executed by many hands, ranging from interns writing copy to fellows rewriting javascripts.

We are hugely indebted to and in awe really of Joint Concepts. They donated pro-bono services for the redesign, taking this project from just a nagging hope for a better site into web presence we can be proud of. Over the course of many months, their impressive team led by Raj Aggarwal worked with us, starting with thoughtful conversations about goals, continuing on to smart wireframes, and finally turning those concepts into gorgeous designs. Just look around: their work speaks for itself. Having had the privilege of interacting with their staff quite closely and frequently, I’ll add that they have the uncommon, but unbeatable combination of producing great work and being great to work with.

We were able to turn their designs into a functioning site thanks to the coding skills of Velizar Garvalov, who took the photoshop files from Joint Concepts into clean xHTML, which made it possible to develop our WordPress theme in just a few weeks.

Overall, the project itself presented many interesting questions — from information architecture to tone and style — and Joint Concepts made, we think, some smart calls to help us achieve our goals. In a few weeks, we’ll be featuring an interview with Raj to share of our learnings.

In the meantime, please, look around, click things, test them, and let us know what you think. This is really just the start, a scaffolding to be filled out by our future work, and we’re looking forward to continuing to see it take shape.