The Code for America Team

There’s no shortage of all stars at Code for America. All stars who are passionate about improving the way government works. All stars fueled by a desire to make people’s lives better. These are people you want to know.

Meet the team

Our Board of Directors

Our board is chock full of web geeks, city experts, and technology industry folks who want to make the world better. So much that they do this in their free time. That’s dedication. And we really appreciate it.

Meet the board


We’re a nonprofit focused on fulfilling our mission as cost-effectively as possible. Our financials exceed nonprofit standards for spending on administrative costs and fundraising with 85% of our expenses dedicated to programs.

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Where we focus

Code for America partners with state, county, and city governments to redesign public services in three key areas that have high impact for communities. Together, we turn challenges into opportunities to not only serve communities better, but transform how governments think about technology.

Healthy Communities

When our citizens are healthy and cared for, our community is healthy and cared for.

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Safety and Justice

Our justice system can be more safe, more fair, and more effective.

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Economic Development

Cities are stronger when their residents have opportunities to thrive as business owners and employees.

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Want to make change in your government?

We’ll pair you with a team who will not only build the app your users need, but change how your organization thinks about technology.

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