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Cities must meet their citizens where they are spending more and more time: online. Municipal websites are the digital front door to a city - a place for sharing information, conducting business, and collecting feedback about what residents want and need. Our Digital Front Door community is a group of local government practitioners who are redesigning municipal websites to improve the experience for both citizens and city employees.

What We're Working On

DFD Alpha - Redesign Bootcamp

Applications are now open for our DFD Alpha Redesign Bootcamp for Government Communicators. The practice and skills needed to approach and execute your city’s website redesign.

Using Web Analytics

We're working with cities around the country to deploy our free, open source City Analytics Dashboard. Powered by Google Analytics, this tools brings staff closer to their online constituents and creates an opportunity to understand the work they do online.

Partnering on a Website Redesign

We partnered with the City of Oakland on a website redesign project that will help them understand their residents’ online user needs, create an alpha site, and navigate procurement issues to hire a local web development team.

Resources for Digital Front Door

We're publishing a set of resources, guides and tools for cities doing website redesigns.



  • Tool: City Analytics Dashboard

    Deploy our City Analytics Dashboard, a free open source tool that uses Google Analytics to help city staff better understand their website’s live traffic.

  • Tool: Resident Survey

    About to start a website redesign? Use this survey to assess the devices and types of internet access used in different parts of your city, evaluate user needs to prioritize content development, and understand where your city has strong and weak connections to users of its website.