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The City of Long Beach was recently named one of the top 10 Digital Cities by the Center for Digital Government and Government Technology and has been exploring ways to optimize government services through technology for some time now. The 2014 Fellows in Long Beach are using open data to improve health outcomes for the city's residents. Long Beach also boasts a burgeoning brigade.

the 2014 Fellows Long Beach Brigade


Our City''s skilled workforce and active tech community are going to find new reasons to be energized as the Fellowship rolls out over the next several months. We can’t wait to get started.

Mayor Bob Foster

The 2014 Fellowship in Long Beach

The Fellowship team in Long Beach is working with the City to reduce avoidable utilization of emergency resources and improve health outcomes. They learned from their research that, as in a number of other cities, a small percentage of the population in Long Beach disproportionately uses emergency services. In 2013, 52 percent of emergency medical calls came from only 10 percent of addresses.

To reduce high frequency or "super-utilization" of emergency medical services, the Fellows are building tools to facilitate high-touch human interventions. By using meta-data to identify areas where there is a high concentration of calls to first responders, their app empowers the city to proactively direct intervention resources to where it will be most impactful. The team explain their work this way: "Technology alone is not the solution; an app to remind someone to take their medication wouldn’t be sufficient. These situations require a human being who can build a relationship and troubleshoot each individual case." Check out the Fellows' mid-year update to learn more.

Meet the team:

  • Rhys Fureigh

    Long Beach Team

    Fureigh is a web developer and online strategist who believes technology should be kind to humans. Recent projects have included Friendfactor, SXSW Interactive People’s Choice winner Americans Elect, and organizing Drupal skill-building meetups in New York. Fureigh studied sociology at Reed College...


  • Molly McLeod

    Long Beach Team

    Molly is a graphic designer and media artist who has worked on board games, documentary films, and community murals. Most recently, she designed print and digital projects for federal public health agencies at CommunicateHealth. At Hampshire College, she designed an interdisciplinary concentration in…


  • Daniel Getelman

    Long Beach Team

    Dan is a software developer and entrepreneur from New York City. He dropped out of school to co-found Lore, an education startup that sought to turn classrooms into online communities. He’s a recent grad from the Management and Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied ...


City Team Leads: Becki Ames, Chief of Staff
Community Partners: Molina Foundation

Follow the fellows' progress on their blog Team Long Beach

Contribute to their app on Github.

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