Incubator FAQ

This six month program (Dec-Jun) helps fellowship teams transition from prototype app to full fledged product market fit. Teams work on scaling their businesses and better navigating the govtech space. In past years, teams have received 100+ hours of mentorship from industry leaders, pitched to hundreds of government officials and gained access to numerous govtech investors and sales leads. For more on the types of teams we work with visit

The incubator is an invite-only program.

For more information email companies[at]

The Basics

What is a govtech company??

Govtech companies are those are those that create the technology infrastructure, the software, tools, and hardware, that government departments use to do their internal work or to deliver services to citizens.

Where Do the Incubator Companies Work?

Code for America incubator companies work from Code for America HQ in downtown San Francisco.

Do Incubator Companies Receive Wages?

In addition to receiving training and mentorship, companies receive $10,000 USD to grow their businesses.

Eligibility and Selection

Code for America currently works with incubator companies formed by past fellowship teams. The goal of this program is to ensure that particularly compelling fellowship applications are given a chance to flourish and spread in the govtech ecosystem. This is an invite-only program. For more information email


Mentorship and Training

Incubator companies have received training and mentorship from a variety of leaders in the technology and public administration space on a variety of topics.


The incubator is a six month program from Dec - Jun providing govtech teams with the network and training to grow their businesses. Teams present onstage in October at the Code for America Summit to an audience of influential mayors, city managers, civic officials and peers. For more info on program timing email for details.

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