The Code for America Brigade program is an international network of people committed to using their voices and hands, in collaboration with local governments, to make their cities better.

Brigades build participatory power in their cities by holding regular civic hack nights and events, advocating for open data, and deploying apps. Brigades celebrate and share their successes with the Brigade network to further the global civic innovation movement.


  • Can I participate in a Brigade if I’m not technical?

    Yes! Brigades need leaders and members with all types of skillsets. Some ways non-technical folks participate include storytelling, community organizing, advising on projects as a subject matter experts, planning events, writing copy, and more. Find out more about Roles within a Local Brigade or work with your local Brigade leader or Captain to see how to best plug in.

  • What if there isn’t a Brigade where I live?

    If there isn’t a Brigade where you live, sign up to lead one. If you’re not interested in leading a Brigade, you can stay in the loop about global Brigade activity by signing up for the Brigade listserv.

  • When does a Brigade become official?

    Code for America recognizes a Brigade as official when it is led by a Captain. A Code for America Brigade Captain is a volunteer who has demonstrated commitment as a Brigade leader. Brigade Captains are recognized by Code for America after achieving a number of organizing milestones.

  • How can I get my Brigade listed on the Brigade website?

    Code for America will list Brigades on the Brigade website after the leader attends an orientation, finds people to fill Core Member roles, and the core team completes and submits a City Profile and Strategic Plan to Brigade program staff.

  • How can I stay plugged into the global Brigade network?

    Sign up for the Brigade listserv.

  • How can I participate if I’m not in the United States?

    The Brigade program is global. If there is a Brigade where you live, sign up to join. If not, you can sign up to lead one.

  • Do Brigade projects have to be free and open source?

    Brigade activities build power and tools that are open and free technology for public use. Brigade events are not places to pitch startup ideas. Brigades prioritize activities for public use, not private gain. See this explanation of free software for more information.

  • How does Code for America provide financial support for Brigades?

    Code for America provides different levels of financial support for Brigades depending on their level of development.

  • Can my Brigade have more than one Municipal Partner?

    Yes! The more the merrier.


Brigade is licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike