Max Ogden develops client applications, developer tools, and APIs, currently living in Portland, OR, and working as a developer at a market research company. In his spare time, he develops open source civic applications, including a hosted data service for geographic information about Portland, OR, called PDX API. In a 2010 apps competition hosted by the City of Portland, his work on PDX API was awarded, “Best use of public data.”

Code-a-thon Saturday: Help Make Boston Better

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This weekend we’re bringing together a group of Boston-area residents interested in bridging the gap between community and technology. Tons of opportunities for technology innovation are identified by various groups working for the City of Boston (or by community organizations), but budgets are tight and… Continue Reading

Mobile Crowdsourcing

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Mobile Crowdsourcing

Some experiments in collecting images + location from mobile devices Over the last couple of years I’ve been fascinated with technology that collects and aggregates mappable information. Specifically I have been searching for or creating tools that have these properties: Lets users discover things near… Continue Reading