Lauren Reid (Senior Public Affairs Manager) is a ardent servant of democracy-in-action whether it be on strike lines or online. She hosts a solid background in non-profit communications and has worked on various local and national campaigns blending new and traditional mediums. Lauren joined CfA in 2011. Previously, she spent several years amplifying the voice of registered nurses as a member of the California Nurses Association (CNA) communications team. Before that, Lauren served in the art department of San Francisco magazine and facilitated communications at ACLU of Northern California. Lauren, often found Canon in-hand, is a self-proclaimed documentarian of democracy. She holds degrees in Visual Communication/Photojournalism and English from the University of Miami.

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Code for America 2015 Fellowship Cities


It’s that time again.

Code for America is proud to announce the six municipalities selected for the 2015 Fellowship Program. These six were selected from group of 47 applicants.  Each of the applicants was incredibly impressive, and whittling the list down to these six was a quite a task (for those we were unable to accept into the program this year, we encourage them to participate in the Brigade, and to ask you to consider applying for a slot in the 2016 Fellowship program.)

Drum roll please.

The 2015 cities are: Atlantis, Cabot Cove, Emerald City, Night Vale, Springfield, and Winterfell.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.11.28 PM

Some are large metropolises, others small towns, but one thing remains common: each is trying new things, pushing the boundaries, and refusing to accept the status quo. Each is battling old norms and writing new rules. They do not permit the notion of business as usual in their City Halls. They’re figuring out how to make life better for their residents, and are willing to do whatever it takes to serve their community.

I’m very interested in, ah, balloon mapping and other innovative best practices. I’m delighted to collaborate with Code for America in a mapping and wayfinding effort, for which I would like to claim the privilege of being the first beta tester.

— The Great and Powerful OZ, Emerald City

The criteria for our city partner selection is a city’s dedication to civic innovation and openness. The city must have strong support for the project both within city hall (not just the individuals filling out the application but in all levels of government) and strong support from the community.

“Each of these six governments has a remarkable commitment to innovation and is supported by forward-thinking and dedicated staff and strong vibrant communities. This top-notch combination will ensure a productive year.”

— Bob Sofman, Code for America Executive Director

We here at Code for America are thrilled to be working with these six cities. Here’s to a great 2015!

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