Code for America aims to make life easier for all Americas. Using the talent and tools of the web and design sectors we create applications and interfaces that provides a simpler way of doing things.  The Washington Post had a lot to say about us, however, it’s important to note that nearly everything we do here at Code for America is a collaborative effort, and DiscoverBPS was no exception.

Parents in Boston complained bitterly about the needlessly complex enrollment process for public schools. To sign up their children for school, parents were forced to navigate a Byzantine 28-page pamphlet seemingly designed to confuse. What’s more, the process made it difficult for parents to make smart choices about schools based on criteria they considered important, such as proximity and user ratings.

But this year, Joel Mahoney, a Code for America fellow taking a break from a tech career as a chief technology officer and entrepreneur, saw the problem, mapped out a solution and wrote a Web application, Discover BPS, that has a simple, easy-to-use interface and includes all manner of sorting capabilities.

He did this in two months, by himself.

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