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Let’s Reweave Old Glory for #July4th

Here’s to you, Betsy

The US flag symbolizes both diversity and unity: 13 original colonies, 50 states, 1 USA. At Code for America, we wanted to honor the flag and the diversity it represents using the technology we love. So, we created a site to do just that:

The site aggregates Twitter avatars from users who tweet about #July4 and beautifully mashes them up into a mosaic representation of the stars and stripes–again representing the diversity and unity of the original flag. This is a flag everyone can be a part of — a 21st Century “Old Glory.”

Many thanks to Quodis and the Mozilla Foundation who built the core tech running the site — and fittingly made it reusable.tOt was great to work with a number of members from the CfA team — Abhi Nemani, fellow Karla Macedo and interns Ronaldo Barchacho, Aditya Pai, and Tim Yoon — to get it up and redesign it, red, white, and blue.

Check out the site, tweet it out to show some pride, but most importantly, enjoy the Fourth.

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