While in Boston, we experienced firsthand the rich cultural opportunities available throughout the city, ranging from historical buildings and landmarks to libraries and museums. We also learned that the City of Boston works passionately and diligently to promote those activities to its students, as part of an commitment to extending education beyond the classroom.

To help track the opportunities, the city has partnered up with Boston After School and Beyond to create a webpage where young Boston citizens can find something to do — a valuable resource for the city and its youth. They showcase 1,500 programs that run, before school,  after school on weekends, and during the summer. Their activities include but are not limited to; finding academic support, sports, youth organizing, and a few other programs. Recently, they decided to undergo a redesign of the website, and asked us to help out with some branding and logo design assistance. We — eager to do whatever we could — were happy to give it a go.

We wanted to make a logo that was visually appealing and modern. A few key things we kept in mind while redesigning the logo where: symbolizing Bostonavigator guiding us through Boston; depicting all the age ranges that’d use the site, not just youngchildren; and incorporating the actual Boston skyline as an indication of place. Here’s what we came up with, which you can see on the new site.

Bostonavigator will be expanding upon its program locator function to allow for making and tracking referrals, and including program participation information so we can begin to look at youth participation across the city. As the city’s comprehensive database of opportunities for youth, it’s been great working with them — I can’t wait to see where they go from here!