Blogging for America

We are now officially recruiting fellows!

Yesterday we honored those who paid the highest price in service to their country. Today Code for America begins recruiting for another form of service. We each have something unique to offer in the work of fixing our country, and if you have a talent for using technology to really engage people, this fellowship may be the best way for you to make a real difference. You won’t risk your life, but it will be challenging, it will push your limits and give you new skills and perspective, and it will be hugely rewarding. To borrow from the Peace Corps, it will be the toughest job you’ll ever love.

Our 2011 Fellows Application is available here. Applications are due August 15th at 9am pacific time, but don’t wait until then to apply. We may ask you for additional information once we see your application, and the more time you give us, the better your chances of being selected. Folks selected for interviews will be contacted by September 1.

Who are we looking for? Anyone with the skills and passion to make cities work better using technology. Many of you will be starting your careers, but others of you will have been working on the web for years and just want a chance to do something important and altruistic. All of you will want to see your work make a difference to cities and change how government works.

We are building small project teams here, so we’re not just looking for developers. We need designers, product managers, and researchers. We need folks who can bring new technologies into city governments and help spread change. We need passionate, smart, diplomatic people who get how it could work better, and can convince others of the value of trying something new.

Please help spread the word about the fellows program to anyone you think may be interested. Information on the program is here, but check back for updates as we are working on several enhancements the program. This is the first year for Code for America so we don’t have all the answers yet, but we’re working hard to put all the pieces together. But no piece is more important than getting the right people to raise their hands and say “I’m in. I want to help.” Can I see a few hands?

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