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The Peer Network is where local government innovators connect to share resources and best practices, and collaborate on common problems. Through regular trainings, discussions, and events civic innovators are empowered to be more effective leaders working together to build a 21st century government from within the walls of city hall.

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We believe that there are 21st Century principles that governments should embrace to foster a culture of innovative problem-solving and improved collaboration.

2015 Partners

Our 2015 fellows are working with eight cities across the nation. Follow their progress and gain insight into our approach.

Featured Members

  • Susan Christophersen

    Senior Web Administrator, Boulder County Colorado

    Susan (@ceedrive) has more than 15 years of experience in technical project management, planning, and strategy in both non-profit and local government organizations. With a background in information technology, the web, and journalism, Susan communicates with both technical and non-technical users to build connections outside of usual silos.


  • Becki Ames

    Outgoing Chief of Staff, Long Beach Calif.

    Becki (@beckiames) began her career with work on numerous state and national political campaigns before spending nearly a decade as a staffer in the California Legislature. Becki served as the Chief of Staff for Mayor Bob Foster for the past eight years.


  • Joy Bonaguro

    Chief Data Officer, City of San Francisco Cafli.

    Joy (@DataSF) works at the nexus of public policy, analysis, and technology – from open government, health IT, and transportation to cyber security and privacy. She was recently appointed the Chief Data Officer for the City of San Francisco.


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