Program Overview

The Fellowship is a service-year program where civic-minded developers, designers, and product managers create small startup teams and partner with a local government for a year-long collaboration.

Fellows and government staff work together to build apps, foster new approaches to problem solving throughout City Hall, and tackle issues the community is facing. In the past, teams have worked on solving for access to social services, alternatives to incarceration, and new avenues for public input.

Are you a government employee looking for info? Contact Luke D. Norris, Government Relations Director

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Advisors & Mentors

Tom Lee, Sunlight Foundation

Thor Muller, Originals

Alistair Croll, Author

Tim Dierks, Arnold Foundation

Parker Thompson, Pivotal

Hillary Hoeber, IDEO

Rick Klau, Google Ventures

Stephanie Hannon, Google

Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen

Nadav Savio,

Andrew Crow, GE Design

Brian Yeung, SoundCloud

Matt Deland, Groupon

Ben Sigelman, Stealthmode Startup

Thomson Nguyen, Framed Data