Who We Are

Code for America believes government can work for the people, by the people in the 21st century.

We build open source technology and organize a network of people dedicated to making government services simple, effective, and easy to use.

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What we focus on

We focus our iterative, user-centered, and data-driven approach to government primarily in four areas that have real human impact.

  • Health

    Health and social services delivered with dignity, by default.

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  • Economic Development

    Delivering core economic development services and inclusive opportunities.

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  • Safety & Justice

    Building a fairer, more effective, and more data-driven justice system.

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  • Communication and Engagement

    Helping government serve everyone with digital tools and practices.

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How we do it

Code for America helps show what's possible and changed tools, platforms, skills, and practices of government in hundreds of cities. Here's a snapshot.

Showing what’s possible

Digital government can cost less and work for the public. Showing what's possible is the first step. Then we spread the word.

Fellows designed AddressIQ to help the City of Long Beach use data to reduce demands on emergency services.

38 city staff members trained
City staff in Long Beach are using AddressIQ to address a huge population of frequent emergency room users

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Changing people and practices

Code for America brings technologists into government and supports new practices among existing teams to change how government delivers services.

Numbers on the board
2014 fellow Maksim Pecherskiy became chief data officer for the City of San Diego, one of many technologists moving into government roles to apply their skills to important problems.

55% take civic jobs
More than half of 2014 fellows moved on to work in government or civic-focused startups after their fellowship ended.

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Transitioning tools and platforms

Consumer technology gets better and cheaper every day. Government technology can too if cities and counties adopt tools and platforms that are built to move with the times.

Redesigning the experience
A city’s website should work for its citizens. User-centered, data-driven, iterative practices help governments build digital front doors to their community.

8 sites overhauled
Website redesigns in 8 cities were inspired by Code for America's design principles

Learn about the Digital Front Door project

Deepening impact

Code for America focuses our work in areas that have positive impact in people's lives.

Saving the safety net
CleanAssist simplifies the food stamp application process, making it easier for eligible Californians to receive the assistance they need to feed their families.

2.5 hours saved each time
Users of the CleanAssist program save hours applying for much-needed food assistance through the much-simpler app

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What you can do

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